Posting yang berikut ini merupakan cuplikan 2 paragraf pertama dari Esai saya yang ditulis di tahun October 2005, tapi tidak dipublish.Esai ini dibuat all in English dan tidak ada abstract-nya. Jadi ditampilkan hanya paragraf awalnya. Untuk tulisan lengkapnya jika dimuat disini akan kepanjangan.




Written by :

Ine Dwiyanti (

Student In Padjadjaran University, Economics Faculty


Have you ever thought why most of people buy and sell foreign currency in the volatile condition? Why most of people save/deposit their money when interest rate increase, but in the same situation proposal of credit/financing by entrepreneur is decrease? Why government worry when value of our money decrease (especially exchange rate to USD)? And the other question about people behavior on money.

In the conventional economics thought (Keynes, “The General Theory of employment, Interest and Money”) motives of some one to hold money are to transaction, precautionary and speculative. Let us focus to the speculation motive. Why these speculation motives appear? Attending of interest become important aspect on this speculation motive, in thought of conventional economics, money demand for speculation is a function of interest, Keynes express explicitly about interest rate and the expectation of future price in concerning of money demand.

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