Financial Performance Islamic Banking and Monetary Crisis


Dear reader, here another research about Islamic Banking. 

Authors : Hidayati Sarah

Analysis of Comparison of Financial Performance Islamic Banking

Before and After Monetary Crisis

(Case Study on PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk)


            Since the monetary policy was prevailed, it begins to have a banking crisis 1997-1998 in Indonesia that affect into monetary and real sector. The impact of monetary crisis toward banking, from 240 banks which present before monetary crisis, only 73 private banks still preserved.

This research is aim to know the financial performance which is represented by Financing to Deposit Ratio (FDR), Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Return on Assets (ROA), and Non Performing Financing (NPF) in PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk before and after monetary crisis.

In this research, bank’s performance is measured from the liquidity, solvability, and rentability. In addition, it can be measured also from the management of the bank toward credit risk. By using descriptive quantitative method with statistical calculation using t-test. Significance level is 95%.

            The result of this research showing that one of the bank that hold out when crisis attacked is Muamalat Bank, the only one Islamic bank that recently established. The FDR, ROA, and NPF level after monetary crisis is higher than before, and the CAR level is lower than before monetary crisis.

Keyword: Financial Performance, Monetary Crisis, Islamic Bank



2 thoughts on “Financial Performance Islamic Banking and Monetary Crisis

    • Yes, I am agree with you. Islamic banks should improve their performance, so that the return will be more than conventional.

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