Motivational Behavior Test

My Motivational Behavior

Behavioral Approach
Fun Seeking
Reward Responsiveness
Behavioral Inhibition
You are a driven and motivated person, with a positive outlook towards completing tasks. You mostly work hard and play hard and are responsive to positive motivation.You have a very strong drive to complete tasks that you have set yourself, or that others have set for you. You enjoy activities that you see as increasing your happines, such as gatherings with friends and families or enjoyable activities. You also can be impulsive at times.

You are very motivated by seeking reward for your behaviour. The offer of a reward (such as a promotion for working hard or winning a bet) will keep you motivated to complete difficult activities. You are motivated to avoid things that you don’t like. This can sometimes mean trying to avoid activities you don’t enjoy, or attempting to escape punishment or pain. Sometimes you feel nervous.

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